Extreme European Adventure: Munich, Germany (June 19, 2014)

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Happy Birthday to my gorgeous and inspiring sister!!!
We seem to be waking up early due to the bright morning light, so we embraced it and headed to Munich by rail fairly early from Stuttgart.

We were excited as we were set to have our first experience riding first class on an ICE train. Unfortunately, the ICE was substituted with an IC and all of first class had already been taken. Kris and I wound up both getting seats in the same 2nd class compartment, but we weren't able to sit next to each other. Regardless, we were able to find storage for our bags.

After arriving in Munich, Kris quickly figured out that we needed to take the U1 to the Gern stop (4 stops away from Munich HBF) to get to our hotel for the next three nights - the Derag Livinghotel Karl Theodore.

I had booked a room on Orbitz for a good discount for this hotel. The rooms have small kitchenettes with mini fridges and two cook burners. The rooms have an electric kettle as well. The room didn't have any plates or much silverware (just two mugs, two cups, and two spoons for coffee/tea), but we were able to get a pot and a spatula. They also provide two free waters a day.

Really, I would stay here again. The neighborhood is quiet and lovely, and the hotel is next door to a great little grocery store with excellent baked goods. They were closed upon arrival for a public holiday, but we were able to shop the next day.

After checking in, we decided to go explore Munich by following the free walking tour I found on Big Boy Travel (http://www.bigboytravel.com/europe/germany/munich/freewalkingtour). Kris pulled the map up on his phone, and I pulled the descriptions up on my phone. It was a great and efficient way to take in the town.

I must say...I usually don't like big cities, but I've been pleasantly surprised by Frankfurt, Stuttgart, and Munich. While there are some people in a hurry, the towns have managed to keep a Bavarian flair to them. I would return to this area without hesitation.

While I won't explain all of the stops on the walking tour in detail, I will mention that our first stop, the Karlsplatz, was named after Elector Karl Theodor (the same as our hotel) and is where part of the old town walls of Munich once stood from 1337 to 1791.

We saw many beautiful and ornate buildings including Citizen's Hall, St. Michael's Church with an 18 foot tall Richard Strauss Fountain outside and the world's second-largest barrel-valulted roof in the world, St. Anna Church & School for Girls, and the St. Johann Nepomuk Church.

We also saw some oddities.

Fox Box?

Not allowed in due to the "no stinking" rule.

Doll part art?

Solar Pope?

We really liked viewing the Sendlinger Tor, the oldest of Munich's (1318) three city wall gates that are still standing. I just loved the vines and fireplaces out in the middle of a shopping area (almost all closed due to the German holiday).

The iconic Victuals Market Munich Maypole did not disappoint. So colorful!
And Kris and I would later indulge at the Viktualienmarkt by getting super tasty goulash soup (me) and bratwurstsemmel (Kris - brat with bun).

We toured inside St. Peter's Church to see the creepy jewel encrusted skeleton of St. Munditia before walking the 306 steps to the top of the St. Peter's Bell Tower. That was quite the climb, but what a view! We've been doing a lot of uphill walking.

Next up were Old Town Hall, New Town Hall, Field Marshall's Hall (from Hitler fame), and the Cathedral of Our Lady.

This poor statue has had some hands touching a netherpart.

Field Marshall's Hall from Hitler fame

We happened to get to New Town Hall at the perfect time to see the 5pm 43 bell chime and show of the 28 foot Glockenspiel.

We ended up in the Hofgarten for a nice rest before heading back to our hotel via the rail system.

2 Responses
  1. B Says:

    It seems like there is beautiful architecture everywhere there!!!! Your statue pic made me LOL!

  2. Kim Says:

    I love Munich! One of my favorite cities, and you took GREAT photos!