Extreme European Adventure: Frankfurt, Germany (June 16, 2014)

Monday, June 16, 2014
After a grueling amount of travel
~drive to Houston
~fly from Houston to Chicago
~long layover and flight delay
~fly from Chicago to Dublin
~long layover
~fly from Dublin to Frankfurt
~train from Frankfurt airport to Frankfurt central
~schlep with massive bags to ibis Frankfurt Central
we finally made it to Frankfurt.
Naps and showers were necessary before we could go explore Frankfurt.

We walked from our nicely located ibis Frankfurt Centrum hotel (that thankfully had air conditioning and wifi despite it's small European sized room), and went exploring the city.  Frankfurt has a big city vibe, but it has some small pockets of really nice landscaping.

We quite enjoyed our walk to the Old Town.

The central part of the town felt exactly as I picture a Bavarian town square...and it even had a band playing!

We left the Old Town and started exploring the waterfront area. There are lovely sprawling parks and grassy areas where people congregate. We saw picnics and families and odd looking ducks. I also saw a cute little swan family.

Along our route, we kept hearing crazy horns blaring and people shouting. It took us a while to realize that Germany was playing in the World Cup. It was pure crazy celebration. Luckily Kris caught a small piece of it on video.

People were waving flags and hanging out of their cars. The vast majority of people on the streets had Germany flags painted on their cheeks. We are glad Germany won. These people might have a riot if they lost.

We continued on our jaunt to "the home of the original frankfurter" circa 1886 - Klaane Sachschauser. Kris ordered what he thought was a frankfurter (aka hot dog) in green sauce...turns out it was Frankfurter green sauce with four half eggs. No meat. Yum! There are three things on the menu that say "Frankfurter" but none of them have sausage. The green sauce is rather complicated to make, but it just tasted like dill to me. It might make a really great dip, but eating a plate of green sauce did not look like fun.

I got brats with sauerkraut and mashed potatoes for the win. I gave Kris one of my brats, poor dude. Luckily, he eats anything. I'm sure he'll order four half eggs again soon.

We had a truly lovely nighttime stroll back to our hotel enjoying the sunset over the riverfront.

2 Responses
  1. B Says:

    Poor Kris!!! The frankfurter thing totally sounds like something that would happen to me!!

  2. Kim Says:

    I have always enjoyed the juxtaposition of the old and new in Frankfurt!