Hicksville Trailer Palace (December 29, 2012)

The Hicksville Trailer Palace was the lodging I chose for the evening of my 31st birthday. I wanted to stay somewhere special. I'm a sucker for a place with a story.

Hicksville is advertised as being located near Joshua Tree, California. It is, but that isn't technically the town where it resides. They want to maintain a level of secrecy, however, so they will not give you their address. Four days before you are scheduled to arrive, they will send you instructions on how to get there.

You should pick up supplies and provisions (including firewood and matches) in the local town before taking the thirty minute drive to Hicksville. Most of the roadways are paved, but there is a two mile section of dirt road you traverse on before getting to the gated yard and purple building that announces you've arrived at Hicksville Trailer Palace.

Rachel, the innkeeper, checked us in on the 29th of December and gave us the grand tour. Complete with ping pong table, darts, archery, corn hole, a jacuzzi, a pool (during warmer months), a free play juke box, library, and multiple fire pits, Hicksville is a great place to gather with friends...as a huge group had done the night of my birthday.

The purple building, the first you walk into, is a recording studio. The kitchen of this building has the coolest retro stove I've ever seen.

At Hicksville, you can barbecue, microwave, order pizza, or retrieve something from the very interestingly stocked vending machine. (The vending machine contained soda, beer, soup, individually wrapped s'more material, lighters, flasks, Hicksville memorabilia, and more.) The have coffee makers, a small ice maker, and communal outdoor or indoor showers.

All of the trailers at the Hicksville Trailer Palace have different themes. There is The Fifi (decked in poodle motif), The New World, Integratrailor (with an alien theme), The Pioneer (a western themed cabin), a dog house, The Lux, The Sweet, The Sideshow (train caboose), The Pony (which barely fits two people laying down and is housed in a stable), and more. There is even a music studio and teepee fire pit!

Is that water or beer in that bowl?

And, naturally, this was a photographer's dream. So much fun!

It really looked cool from the rooftop jacuzzi area at night.

Project Z, our cabin, was done up in a zombie motif and isolated from the rest of the trailers.

The dirt road path that separates the main center from Project Z makes it super cool and a bit creepy.

The lighting and power in the cabin is completely from solar panels; it has it's own bathroom, mini fridge/freezer, and gas stove.

I believe there is an air conditioner unit, but, instead of a heater, the cabin is heated with a wood burning stove.

Project Z includes zomibe survival reading material and equipment.

I am typing this blog entry now while sitting next to an awesome roaring fire while Kris overheats.

Great for me, but not great for him. I feel kind of guilty about that one...guess I'll throw another log on the fire.

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