Birthdays, Burros, and Ghosttowns (December 29, 2012)

Saturday, December 29, 2012
It's my 31st birthday today <insert finger twirl>. Okay...traditionally I dislike birthdays, but I've discovered a secret to enjoying them. TRAVEL! 30 was awesome. Why? I was in New Zealand. So this year for 31...leave Texas and do something new! So here we go...

I had some great fruit and cinnamon french toast for breakfast at the Best Western A Wayfarer's Inn before we headed out to Route 66 to get some kicks.

First stop...the marker at 3,333.33 feet above sea level. It's in front of a Route 66 museum at the Powerhouse Visitor's Center which we visited. While not all of this museum held my attention, the artwork was excellent.

They had a car with one of the first air conditioners. (See it sticking out of the window?)

And the French thought it was an important place to visit.

Plus, there was a marker to commemorate 3,333.33 feet above sea level! It's a bolt in the wall. Doesn't that beat all?!?

After leaving, we continued on Route 66 for a mountainous drive to Oatman, AZ. It was a pretty cool drive filled with switchbacks, but no nausea.

The local towns were kind of sparse, but I found them fascinating.

And Oatman is the town of vigilantes and burros. Seriously!

Currently 12 burros roam free in the town. It's seriously cool. I didn't realize donkeys were so darn cute. I couldn't resist. I had to pat one.

Oatman was a fun western town that I imagine My Terri would love as much as my mom would have loved the Flintstone town.

We were soon headed out to Pioneertown in California. The drive from Oatman to Pioneertown was pretty flat and desert-like. I kept expecting to see tumbleweeds passing by. Leaving Oatman, we did see bushes decorated for Christmas. That was fun.

When we got to Pioneertown we went to Pappy and Harriet's. Known for their music and food, this was a great choice. I got a fabulous swiss and avocado burger with cheesy bacon fries. It was fantastic! Second best burger I've ever had (La Hacienda Ranch still wins that award) and the best cheese fries I've ever eaten. Kris got to eat solid food today too! He got the quesadillas. It was strange to eat my entire meal and have Kris with leftovers.

Next up...photographing Pioneertown! Kris was too cold to take any photos, which left documentation all up to me.

Man was it fun to walk through this town.

Built in the 1940s as a western film set, Pioneertown actually has some residents today.

Such a cool western ghost town.

Thanks to Marlene for the inspiration! Skitler thanks you too!

After leaving Pioneertown, we were on the hunt for some wood for our woodburning stove at the Zombie Apocalypse Survival Cabin called Project Z at the Hicksville Trailer Palace. Three stores later (Home Depot was out of wood?), we were on the dirt road to Hicksville.

Naturally, the Hicksville Trailer Palace was a photographer's dream. So much fun! It's going to have to get its own entry...

Stay tuned.

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