Berlin Broke My Blog (July 3, 2014)

Today is April 2,'s been far too long since I've blogged.
I say that Berlin broke the blog...not because I didn't like Berlin...I did.  More because seeing the lines that represented the wall that divided the city really hit me deeply...especially since we were seeing this city on July 3rd & 4th (USA Independence Day) in 2014.
Walking the marker that represents the Berlin wall was a somber experience.
When you added up our trip to the Anne Frank House, the readings I'd been doing on the Holocaust, the trip to Dachau, the memorials in Budapest and the Terror Museum...Berlin just cemented it all in.

I haven't successfully written a blog post since.  But I will.  I'm going to finish Berlin (July 3rd and 4th of 2014) and then I'm going to start from my latest trip and work my way backward.  Because I miss the stories...

July 3, 2014
Truth is, we stayed in a lovely AirBnB Kris had found (save $40 using my AirBnB link).
The Berlin train station is quite lovely, and I enjoyed the cartoonish street crossing signs.
And our first day in Berlin was largely spent admiring the colorful, powerful, large murals around the city.

I highly recommend doing a street art tour, even if it's self-guided.

Parts of the Berlin wall still stand, and these parts are covered in graffiti.  I held most of it in reverence, but I had to laugh at this piece with David Hasselhoff.
What remains of the Berlin Wall is covered in street art.

It's hard to fathom that the Berlin wall stood in my lifetime.  I appreciate that Berlin has emerged so colorful.  

After the street art tour, Kris took us to Berlin's Computerspielemuseum.
Since it is several years later, I can't remember what many of the items in the photos below were, but I do remember having fun...especially playing with the life-sized Atari joystick.

And anywhere with Link and Zelda is naturally good with Kris.

We hit a grocery store on the way back to our apartment where Kris made us some Spaetzle mit gewurtz hackfleisch und tomatensauce (dinner for two for only 6 Euro), and we did laundry. 

In the words of Kris, "The wash cycle is very similar to how we do it in the states, but the dry cycle takes 2 days. As a bonus, all your clothes are crunchy!"

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  1. Brit Says:

    I'm so glad you're doing this again! I miss reading them!