Australian Adventure (July 20, 2013)

40 Days Down Under (Day 37)

Saturday, July 20, 2013
Out in the middle of flatness exists a place called Wave Rock.  This remarkable rock is one of Australia's most famous landforms, a giant surf wave of multicolored granite about to crash onto the bush below. The "wave" is about 46 ft high and around 360 ft long.  It forms the north side of a solitary hill which is known as Hyden Rock.

A wall lies above Wave Rock and collects and funnels rainwater to a storage dam. Kris and I marveled at the swosh of the giant wave from below, laughed at the awesomely outfitted ladies on a road trip in snuggie-style jumpsuits, and climbed on the top of the wave.

Kris enjoys the view while I enjoy looking at the ladies in the Snuggie jumpsuits.

View from the top of the rock

A hop, skip and jump away is another awesome rock formation called the Hippos Yawn.  When we got there, we ran into the pink ladies again.

Kris at Hippo's Yawn

Kristy through the hippo mouth

My original plan had us scheduled to drive from Hyden to Esperance, but the weather just wasn't looking like it would cooperate in Esperance.  We amended our route and headed for a decently long drive to Albany via the Stirling Range.

Along the way, we found an odd abandoned truck.  (Seriously - who thought that was a good place to take a truck?)  We also saw the beautiful Stirling Range and a massive number of adorable baby lambs.

Stirling Range

Most of the sheep ran away, but a few little lambs were just too hungry.

Stirling Range

Once in Albany, we stopped at Dog Rock.  Rocks were definitely the theme of the day.

After dog rock, we went to Middleton Beach to look for some sea glass for my friend Britney.  No sea glass, but we did find a motherlode of washed up jellyfish (moon jellies I think).  Naturally Kris had to poke one with a stick.

Our final sightseeing spots of the day were found at the top of Mt. Clarence and Mt. Melville.  They offered some phenomenal views of Albany.

Kris on the tower

Kris's view from the tower

Kris's view of me from the tower

Storm clouds

We spent the evening at the Albany Big4 Gardens Holiday Resort which had a wonderful book exchange and free wifi.

Check out this book cover for a book I found in the book exchange.

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