Australian Adventure (Friday, June 21, 2013)

40 Days Down Under (Day 8)

Friday, June 21, 2013
I might be getting better at ping pong. I was actually holding my own against Kris this morning.

It wasn't long before we were on the road and arrived at the Trial Bay Gaol ruins. The scenic overlook revealed a whale in the distance!

The black spot in the distance is a whale.

Trial Bay Gaol first functioned as a prison created for a public works program (1886-1903). Back then, people were incarcerated for things like larceny, loitering, assault, and even attempting suicide.

The prisoners were supposed supposed to create a breakwater. It was grueling and difficult work, and they didn't get very far before the project was called off.

Just an observation of mine, but it seems strange to me that the men were all my height or shorter.

After the prison sat empty for a while, it became an internment camp for highly skilled, intelligent male Germans from 1915-1918. The government was concerned that the German Australian citizens were conspiring with Germany during WWI. While at the prison, the 582 interment residents built tennis courts, ran a bakery, put on plays, and did a multitude of other tasks to keep from boredom.

There is a great little explanatory film about Trial Bay Gaol and some old artifacts. You can explore what remains of the old kitchen, cell blocks, watch tower, ablutions block, hospital, solitary confinement, and stage.

Prisoners were able to decorate their cells. Several of them were into stenciling.

Photographing the jail flew out the window for me whenever we saw a wild momma kangaroo complete with joey in pouch. We got to see joey come out and try to get back into the pouch! Another young kangaroo was around too. Such a precious family!

I never have considered myself a bird watcher, but I sure do love the colorful birds in this country!

After further exploring the gaol remains, we headed to Hat Head National park to Captain Cooks Lookout and the Smoky Cape Lighthouse. It was a steep trek, but the views were worth the effort.

We found another Fredo Pies in Nambucca Heads off of the highway and stopped for an awesome lunch. I got the cauliflower, corn, and broccoli pie with a piece of chicken kiev and the final two pinwheels. Kris got an asparagus pasta pie and a hot curry steak pie. All were very tasty.

We spent most of the rest of the day driving, but we did make sure to stop at the Big Banana.

We love trying local flavor, so we split a Violet Crumble candy bar. I must say - we don't have anything like this candy bar in the USA. It was an experience. This is the sort of thing we'd bring home for people as souvenirs if we were allowed. It just sort of shatters in your mouth. So strange.

Our next stop was to stretch our legs. We wound up at the South Grafton Post Office where I picked up a stamp for a card I needed to mail. Postage is expensive here.

Our next stop was the Big Prawn before we headed to our overnight stop, the Lake Ainsworth Caravan Park - Lennox Head.

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