Boston - our 22 hour layover (June 10th, 2012)

Sunday, June 10, 2012
Kris and I had to wake up way too early for our flight to Boston. Dead tired, we trudged through the airport preparing ourselves to head through security. We get to the security check line and hear, "Congrats. You've been cleared for TSA Pre-Check. It's like the 80s. Please continue through this line , keep on your shoes, keep your liquids in your bag, and don't remove your electronics."

I did a happy jig in the airport. That's one way to wake a Kristy up.

After arriving in Boston, Kris and I were starving. We decided to eat some pizza at the airport in lieu of waiting for our bags at baggage claim to arrive.

After grabbing our bags, we hit the public transportation to go to our hotel, the Courtyard by Marriott Downtown, for the evening. I had gotten this hotel for $85 on Priceline. It saved us a heap of money. The hotel was nearby the hospital district (not the most interesting part of Boston) but was only a block from public transportation - the orange line T train.

We got to the hotel around 12:30pm, and they had a room we could check into. We dropped off our stuff and set off toward Long Wharf for our days plans.

Kris had planned for us to go to George's Island. It was a gorgeous day, and perfect for being outside.

We wandered around Long Wharf while waiting for our ferry to George's Island. We heard an incredible guitar player playing near Christopher Columbus park and stopped to listen for a spell. We saw children and puppies playing in the water fountains and flying princess kites. It was incredible outside.

The ferry to George's took about 35 minutes.

The island itself was really cool to explore. It functioned as a fort for a long time.

We were able to explore many of the nooks and crannies in the two hours we were there.

Kris had brought his headlamp, and it was a good thing too. They haven't over-made the fort as a tourist attraction, so there are crumbling bits and darkened hallways. Kinda creepy...really cool!

One section of the fort seemed to collect a lot of water. Water continually was dripping from the ceiling, and it's started forming stalactites. So neat to see!

I found the decay and textures fascinating.

Many fowl have made the fort their home from birds in nests to geese galore.

Some of the geese left Kris a present. He was able to stick a feather in his cap...voila! macaroni.

Speaking of macaroni - when we got back to Boston, we had dinner at the Quincy Market. We ate at a crazy Mac n Cheese place. I had the cheeseburger macaroni. Kris had the Boston seafood macaroni with lobster, shrimp, and crab.

Then we stopped at a booth for soft serve ice cream. I ordered a large, as the dinky cones coming from the worker next to me just didn't look like it would satisfy. Big mistake - huge. The cone our guy gave me was as big as my head. No joke! I couldn't finish it all.

Kris and I consumed our ice cream as we walked to the state capitol building.

We found this sign quite humorous...

Do specialty hookers enter in the back?

Quite a good day.

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