- why stay like a tourist when you can travel like a local?

I adore AirBnb.  I can't help it.  I've stayed at two different apartments now and have had such a fantastic experience it's hard not to shout it from the rooftops.  I would so much rather travel like a local than stay like a tourist.

What's not to love?  Authentic experiences abound when you can stay somewhere the locals dwell.  I love getting to stay in the heart of these charming neighborhoods at such discounted rates.  Plus, you really can't beat the amenities...I just love a fridge, stove, and washer/dryer.

We've booked a total of 24 nights from AirBnb so far.

One of the best features of the company is the perk they give to spread the word.
All customers get a referral link to share.  New customers who use the referral link save $25 off of their first booking of $75 or more with AirBnb.  The person who refers also gets a $25 credit to be used on a future trip.

It's definitely a win win situation.

Considering AirBnb?
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New customers save $25 on AirBnb with my referral link:

I always make sure to view the reviews from previous guests and check for deposits on arrival.  I love that some lodgings have AirBnB verified photos too!

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